Monday, May 11, 2009

"Poetry" (Inspired By Neruda)

One night she came for me.
No scrolls packed or ready-just science books and leftover math tablets-all at once.
Her arms flailing and wide open as she screamed my name.
Pledging me to forsake all others and have her-only her way.
This is a journey she said.
A path chosen.
Who chose it, I said.
You, she said.
By birth- by nature.
What if i'm not ready, I said.
Readiness, is no factor she said.
Only your life and heart.
What is more important I asked.
My life or my heart.
All of it she said.
Franticly I exclaimed, what am I to do?
Breathe she said.



  1. looks like costa rica is bringing out the best in you. keep breathing!


  2. Good thing you can write poetry! You'll need the spiritual savor to survive the play of Kobe Bryant.