Sunday, February 1, 2009

Revolutionary Road

Revolutionary Road is one of those peculiar movies.
A certain tendency to keep looking back over and over again and seeing the same thing.
Director Sam Mendes does a beautiful job using the tools of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio to show and pound in the commentary deep and into the audience's psyche, that deep down, so many people out there in the world are living a lie.
That they aren't happy and that they go farther to out of their way constantly to keep the lie alive- but not really living at all.
Winslet's character April Wheeler is complicated character and unveils herself slowly, but warms up the screen as we learn of how courageous she is in pushing the limits of what she wants from the world and life. Frank Wheeler played by Di Caprio is a coward afraid to take a chance for change - and willing to lead the same mundane life day after day-and to a fault- because of his cowardice he loses the only thing he has in life-Hope.

While Dicaprio plays a weak and despicable character- to the point you dislike him-- its Winslet and the Character John Givings played by Michael Shannon that really bring the film to life. Shannon's character playing the idiot voice-of-reason is effective and outshines most of the performances in the film even given limited screen time. Overall I rate the movie a 30f 5.

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