Friday, January 16, 2009


Saw the Notorious Movie tonight.
Felt like the lead role of Biggie played by Jamal Woolard was a strong performance.
Woolard had Big down to a science. From the rapping, to the breathing, to the swagger the character was well played and tremendously thoughtful. Naturi Naughton also plays a solid role as lil kim. Overall the movie was solid- the cinematography was average and the A-list actors like Derek Luke and Angela Basset unfortunately leave something on the stage. I suggest the movie, but give this strong caveat. it was a solid biopic, and the Notorious Big is a great story - but this was by no means a great film. one last thing I would note is Puffy's Executive production role has been called heavy handed but I seem to think one of the beautiful parts of the story is that he is here to tell it.
Last, the business of the movie is solid. For perhaps the first time you have an executive producer making a film that had control of most of the music.

Like I said go see it your self.

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